2nd Kenyan Diaspora International Conference, Atlanta - May 21, 2009

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The Investment Forum is part of an international conference on The Role of the Kenyan Diaspora in Kenya’s Development to be held on March 23-24th 2007, organized by the Institute for Global Initiatives at Kennesaw State University (KSU), the Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta (AKPA), and the Kenya Development Network Consortium (KDNC). The Conference and the Investment Forum are designed to draw together individuals, government representatives and agencies, private sector entrepreneurs, potential foreign investors and multiple stakeholders to deliberate on effective initiatives for engaging the Kenyan Diaspora and international investors in Kenya’s development process.

At the moment Kenya is at a critical point in defining her vision for the next decades in a rapidly changing global economic and social context. Since 2003, the economy has been on a remarkable growth trajectory recording an estimated 6% in 2006 from 0.6% in 2002. In 2006, the Government of Kenya launched a long-term strategic vision for the country - Vision 2030, which lays the foundation for an economic revolution of the country with the aim of transforming Kenya into a globally competitive and prosperous nation by 2030. Vision-2030 entails the consolidation of economic and social gains made so far coupled with a projected accelerated and sustained economic growth of at least 10% per year. With the most advanced commercial infrastructure in the region, steady economic growth and strategic location, Kenya is attracting renewed attention from both local and foreign investors.

What are the fundamental drivers behind the remarkable economic growth? What investment opportunities are emerging? What are the fundamental changes that are taking place in Kenya’s economic and commercial landscape to consolidate and accelerate this growth? For answers to these and more questions, join the dialogue with a high-powered delegation of public and private representatives from Kenya.